The Secret of Your Toilet Cleaning

When you’re working out how to clean a very stained toilet bowl, the first thing to do is some basic cleaning, just to see what you’re up against. Pull on those rubber gloves, lift the toilet seat and then squirt that toilet clean around the rib and sides fo the toilet. Now pick up your toilet brush and get scrubbing. Your aim is to get that toilet cleaner into every crevice of the toilet, especially as far round the U-bend as you can. Leave it alone to do its work for half an hour.

At the end of the thirty minutes, go back and give it all another scrub with the toilet brush, before flushing. Most of the surface staining will have disappeared and – if you’re really lucky – your toilet will be gleaming. Job done!

But maybe that’s not quite the case. If your toilet has been neglected for a while, you’ll probably find that many stains have vanished but some stubborn marks will remain. Don’t despair, it’s time to move on to phase two.

” Baking soda and vinegar are no urban myth they really work to clean those dirty toilets ”


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